queen of swords :

independent, perfectionist, intellectual, articulate, impartial, honest, analytical, curious, inflexible, honest, discerning

the queen of swords sits here at the border of a great expanse. she is very wise, having built the life he envisioned though her own cunning and perceptive strength. in her hand she holds her sword, a tribute to and symbol of her high intellect. at her side lies a large feline, the representation of her authoritative will and mental prowess. 

an incredibly insightful, quick-witted person, the queen of swords is able to see through illusion and deception, speaking her truth at any given time. highly perceptive, analytical, and straightforward, she embodies a deep maturity that only comes through life experience. she has been through a lot, knows how to use her time wisely, and has refined her to-do list and schedule with mastery. this also points to how she has taken control over her mind and thoughts. there is no point in sobbing over spilled milk; better just to clean it up and move on. not an especially emotional type, the queen of swords connects with others through her sharp intellectualism, bonding for life with the people who “get” her. when she is on your side, she is extremely loyal and supportive, despite her apparent coldness, and is aware of the importance of your connection. 

the message behind the card : your strength and powers of discernment are needed at this time. you may want to detach your inner emotions or fears from your given situation in order to make an objective decision. look at all the fact before making any judgments

the swords are filed by the mind. their powers of perception make them good communicators, as they are also highly analytical and decisive. as natural intellectuals, they absorb information easily and want to learn as much as they can about the topics that interest them. the swords are often very good at giving people advice, as they cut straight to the point without holding back. they are driven by justice, truth, reason, and logic, which can make them appear insensitive to others. on a darker note, swords may be prone to being dishonest in order to control situations or people. when their energies are being used in positive, loving ways, however, there is nothing they cannot accomplish. swords make strong, loving, and loyal friends.

the swords rule the power of the mind and our internal ethical principles. they identify our ego, as well as our destructive actions or tendencies. swords may represent turmoil or power struggles within our life or with others. the element of air is projective, dynamic, and transitional.


photographer+creator : @stephanie_bar

model : @parisraquel_

set designer+creative director : @blondeandblueboutique

makeupartist : @madmakeupofficial

hairstylist : @mollys_chair

threads : @sgstyleme

jewelry : @creadesigns

florals : @hemlock_and_hellebore

crystal : @stephanie_bar

Sarah + DJ | Eagle Manor | Fairton NJ

“I really can’t say enough good things about having Stephanie as my photographer for my wedding day!! Her photos speak for themselves [they are amazing!!] but what you don’t see from the photos is how amazing Stephanie is to work with. She made the entire day, and experience go so smoothly! She made me, DJ, all my friends, and family feel so at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. [I know because they all told me multiple times after the wedding how much they loved working with Stephanie!] Stephanie was so organized and professional to work with but also felt like a friend who was meant to be part of the day. She made us laugh and kept it fun [even if it was freezing cold and 30mph winds], she even put up with the groomsmans silly antics [trying to include a creepy doll in our wedding photos] without missing a beat. I seriously couldn’t have picked a better photographer for our wedding day!!” -Sarah R

Winter Stylized Bridal | Rosebank Winery | Newtown PA

After working with Madison Neumann for my first stylized shoot, I knew that I wanted to create my own winter wedding inspiration. My vision, for the winter session, began with green color palette and the vision of pine trees. Incorporating these trees were extremely important to add the pop of color to the otherwise colorless winter landscape. One day while sharing ideas with Madison, we realized that we were basically planning the same exact session and decided we had to combine our talents once again! We began with a mood board on Pinterest and some light Instagram stalking for the perfect team. I have worked with Madison Spera of MadMakeup time and time again and am constantly impressed with her incredible talent (so choosing a makeup artist was pretty easy). Molly Tanzillo, whom I met through Instagram, stepped into style Emily’s (bridesmaid) and Amy’s hair (bridesmaid). I reached out to The Fawn and The Sparrow on Etsy after seeing their beautiful crystal hair pieces pop up on my Etsy suggestions. Next, I reached out to Alexandra Conn of Blonde and Blue Boutique, I knew that we needed the best designer on board to create a one-of-a-kind tablescape. Alexandra put together the most beautiful place setting that incorporated the earthly elements of the winter as well as our inspirational green color and a pop of gold. Alexandra also contributed the most amazing green settee, small table for the sweetheart area as well as a handmade wood table and incredible peacock chair! I know that I can always count on Alexandra for some amazing furniture pieces that all bring the shoot together on another level. When it came time to recruit a paper supplier, the search was over before it even began! I worked with Betsey of Anchor Fifty Two during my rebrand and was positive that she would know exactly what I wanted! I think that it is safe to say that she nailed it with the trees. Madison reached out to Caroline of Sweet Caroline Designs, Kim of A Cottage Gardener, Erika of Love Bites by Erika and Lori of LoMo Studio to complete our vendor team. After assembling the team our most difficult decision was the location! My vision was green, winter foliage and I was not giving up on that. Madison and I took numerous drives, in search of the perfect location. Then it came to me, as I thought of a wedding I photographed back in September at the Rose Bank Winery. Those giant pines will forever stand out in my memories as one of the most romantic backdrops. The trees served us well during our [extremely chilly and windy] outdoor portion of the shoot. The original plan was to set up the entire set outside in nature, but the weather was not having it. Rose Bank Winery’s large ballroom gave us the perfect retreat from the extreme winter condition unfolding just outside the walls. The natural light poured in from the windows onto their beautiful wood that literally reaches from floor to ceiling. When, choosing our models, it was important for us to showcase a diverse range of people, of all colors, sizes, and shapes. It was also important for us to find a real-life couple to give us the opportunity to showcase authentic, thriving love. Morgan and Max modeled as bride and groom. Amy and Emily modeled as bridesmaids and Nick and Quinzie modeled as groomsmen. [Groomsmen outfits were thrifted and pulled from the model’s own personal closets] I can not thank this incredible team of vendors and models more! Each and every one of them contributed a vital piece to this successful stylized shoot. 



This stylized winter wedding will warm your heart with inspiring earthy tones, evergreens, and a winter landscape set at Rose Bank Winery.  One of the most popular trends that we’re seeing a lot of is greenery and natural elements.  This styled shoot pays homage to that trend in the prettiest most down-to-earth way.  Pairing fearless dresses by Sweet Caroline Styles with beautiful decor planned by Blonde and Blue Boutique and stunning florals by A Cottage Gardener.  Rustic elegance shows throughout every photo, and with an amazing team of Philadelphia wedding vendors, this shoot did not disappoint!  Thanks to the collaboration of Madison Neumann Photography and Stephanie Barone Photography they show us that it’s possible to have a gorgeous wedding even in the coldest time of year.

Rebecca + Ben | Indian Springs Country Club | Marlton NJ

“I feel like I made a friend through Stephanie. Not only did she make me feel so comfortable and beautiful, she also made Ben feel right at home. She did an amazing job throughout the day! There was a little confusion on transportation and SHE drove not only me but MY MOM to the venue too! My heart felt so happy at that moment! I knew she was something different than any other photographer I’ve ever met! She was understand of our wants from the day. My girl, just right on the dance floor with us! 

My family couldn’t get enough of her. Even days after the wedding, my family is still talking about Stephanie. everyone single person who saw her working was obsessed & I don’t blame them! I was so taken back, she was organized, friendly, bubbly. She make us laugh, cry [good tears obvi], literally everything under the sun!

But outside of all this, she was just such a kind hearted & caring individual! I mean she helped my mom fix my dress, when it magically broke out of nowhere. I couldn’t ask for a better person? You just can’t. She’s perfect! “ -Rebecca S

“She’s truly in a class of her own” -Ben S

Deana + Drew | Terrain Cafe | Glen Mills Pennsylvania

“We want to start this by giving a huge thank you to Stephanie and Madison for photographing our wedding. From our very first meeting, we knew Stephanie had the right vision and style for the rustic Terrain wedding we were planning. Stephanie stayed in touch during the planning process which made us feel supported up until the big day. The morning of the wedding both girls fit right in at our parent's houses, capturing the feel of family and excitement. Our first look was arranged perfectly and we truly cannot wait to see our pictures to relive the entire day. Stephanie was incredibly professional but at the same time had us laughing throughout the day.  Both sides of the wedding party commented on how much of a perfect fit she was. Stephanie, you really exceeded our expectations and we really cannot thank you enough! We highly recommend Stephanie as a wedding photographer. She was incredible! xoxo, Deana and Drew”

-Deana C

Melanie + Ryan | Jackson Lake Lodge | Grand Teton National Park | Wyoming

Stephanie has been my cousin's best friend for a life time. She is very familiar with my family having captured two of my [other] cousin's weddings. I've watched her work develop over the years and it has gotten so amazing that as soon as we got engaged I just knew she had to be our photographer. It was the one expense we were willing to go all out for and we are beyond glad we did. She came out to Wyoming to photograph our National Park wedding and even though the weather didn't cooperate, we know she still got fantastic shots. Stephanie was amazing the whole day, hitting all the key pictures even though she was flying solo! My mom made a comment that when she saw something she thought would be a great picture, she would turn to Stephanie already snapping away. She was on the floor with us all night, dancing and catching all these cherished [and some inappropriate] memories. She was exactly what we wanted as a photographer and I wouldn't trade her work for anything. We will absolutely use her again for all the years to come. -Melanie R

Jessica + Tyler | Lake House Inn Wedding | Perkasie PA

"When we starting planning our wedding my immediate request was that I wanted it to be intimate with no strangers.  We limited our guest list to key friends and family and were very choosy when it came to vendors. We had to truly feel a connection. Because of how Stephanie did the meet and greets to sign the contract [when she ordered nachos and a glass of wine I knew we’d found our match!] and the engagement photos, Stephanie felt more like a friend at the wedding than a nameless vendor.  I felt completely comfortable messaging her with questions before the big day and day of the wedding every single person in the bridal party knew her by name.  Stephanie’s personality is a perfect mix of the friend you can laugh with and the extreme professional you can count on." -Jessica K

Brittney + Ressie | Evergreen Dairy Bar Engagement Session | Southampton, NJ

"On the day of our engagement shoot I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. My fiancé and I are not the most photogenic people (it’s quite funny actually haha). On our way there we were laughing thinking of how awkward we were going to be. When we arrived and met Stephanie for the first time I had an instant feeling of relief. She was so funny, bubbly, and laidback. I knew she would laugh at how nervous we were. For the first few pictures we were still nervous, but as it went on we started to just simply have fun. We really enjoyed our engagement shoot and realized how important it is to have a good photographer. We felt so comfortable with her and knew there was no judgement at all. She was seriously like just one of our friends! She had a certain way with things and it just started to feel so natural. I wouldn’t change one thing about our engagement shoot. I look back and smile about it all the time. In that moment I truly just felt very happy and it made me so much more excited to marry my best friend and have Stephanie capture it all!" -Brittney B