queen of swords


queen of swords :

independent, perfectionist, intellectual, articulate, impartial, honest, analytical, curious, inflexible, honest, discerning

the queen of swords sits here at the border of a great expanse. she is very wise, having built the life he envisioned though her own cunning and perceptive strength. in her hand she holds her sword, a tribute to and symbol of her high intellect. at her side lies a large feline, the representation of her authoritative will and mental prowess. 

an incredibly insightful, quick-witted person, the queen of swords is able to see through illusion and deception, speaking her truth at any given time. highly perceptive, analytical, and straightforward, she embodies a deep maturity that only comes through life experience. she has been through a lot, knows how to use her time wisely, and has refined her to-do list and schedule with mastery. this also points to how she has taken control over her mind and thoughts. there is no point in sobbing over spilled milk; better just to clean it up and move on. not an especially emotional type, the queen of swords connects with others through her sharp intellectualism, bonding for life with the people who “get” her. when she is on your side, she is extremely loyal and supportive, despite her apparent coldness, and is aware of the importance of your connection. 

the message behind the card : your strength and powers of discernment are needed at this time. you may want to detach your inner emotions or fears from your given situation in order to make an objective decision. look at all the fact before making any judgments

the swords are filed by the mind. their powers of perception make them good communicators, as they are also highly analytical and decisive. as natural intellectuals, they absorb information easily and want to learn as much as they can about the topics that interest them. the swords are often very good at giving people advice, as they cut straight to the point without holding back. they are driven by justice, truth, reason, and logic, which can make them appear insensitive to others. on a darker note, swords may be prone to being dishonest in order to control situations or people. when their energies are being used in positive, loving ways, however, there is nothing they cannot accomplish. swords make strong, loving, and loyal friends.

the swords rule the power of the mind and our internal ethical principles. they identify our ego, as well as our destructive actions or tendencies. swords may represent turmoil or power struggles within our life or with others. the element of air is projective, dynamic, and transitional.


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