southampton new jersey

Brittney + Ressie | Evergreen Dairy Bar Engagement Session | Southampton, NJ

"On the day of our engagement shoot I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. My fiancé and I are not the most photogenic people (it’s quite funny actually haha). On our way there we were laughing thinking of how awkward we were going to be. When we arrived and met Stephanie for the first time I had an instant feeling of relief. She was so funny, bubbly, and laidback. I knew she would laugh at how nervous we were. For the first few pictures we were still nervous, but as it went on we started to just simply have fun. We really enjoyed our engagement shoot and realized how important it is to have a good photographer. We felt so comfortable with her and knew there was no judgement at all. She was seriously like just one of our friends! She had a certain way with things and it just started to feel so natural. I wouldn’t change one thing about our engagement shoot. I look back and smile about it all the time. In that moment I truly just felt very happy and it made me so much more excited to marry my best friend and have Stephanie capture it all!" -Brittney B