Philadelphia PA | Stephanie Barone

hey there!

I’m stephanie!

photographer, fitness instructor, adventurer, positive-thinker, world traveler, cat enthusiasts and taco lover. seriously, every day is taco tuesday around these parts! i love to be outside, whether it be near the ocean or in a forest, it feeds my soul. i really like to travel, it’s not even funny how down i am to travel to where ever you may need me! want to just hang on the beach and have some drinks in the carribbean? okay sure, I’m there! i enjoy building relationships with my clients and love it even more when those relationships turn into lasting friendships. i am here to be in your life, not just a small part of it. i enjoy taking the time to get to know my clients, their stories or how they got to where they are today, what has shaped their lives, what motivates them and what/who they love. 



can’t wait to hear from you!