queen of pentacles


queen of pentacles :

motherly, caution, neutering, loving, down-to-earth, fertility, home, cautions, stable, practical, conventional, generous

the beautiful queen of pentacles sits in an earthy space, embodying an inner richness of spirit and love that radiates into the world around her. before her is a collection of her most treasured crystals: energetic tools of healing that she freely shares with others. at her side rests a white tiger, her loving familiar who symbolizes her serene strength and calm demeanor. in the presence of these two, you are welcome, cherishes, and nurtured.

the queen of pentacles is a warm and motherly individual who knows how to maintain a healthy and happy life. you will often find her balancing her commitments, responsibilities, relationships, and family duties simultaneously without breaking a sweat. she is a great nurturer and provider and goes above and beyond all expectation when it comes to taking care of others. her deep connection tot he earth is reflected in her own spiritual practice, whereby she sources wisdom and magic from the elements around her. from this higher awareness also comes a sense of security, which is often reflected in how she handles finances; she knows the true value of money lies beyond mere physical affluence, seeing it rather as a means to create a comfortable lifestyle for herself and her family. as she is extremely hardworking and pragmatic, she attracts others to her for her wisdom and support. 

the message behind the card : a time to be practical and resourceful with your plans. the building of a stable and realistic foundation. what steps will you take in order to remain healthy, happy, and secure in your life? remember to be compassionate and kind to others.

the pentacles are ruled by practicality and strength. they weigh the pros and cons of each situation and always try to take the most logical approach. they are extremely grounded and embody a strong sense of self, which makes them loving and loyal friends. the pentacles are sensible, pragmatic individuals who work hard at what they do while also making time to enjoy life’s simple luxuries. they can sometimes become more concerned with he external, physical aspects of their existence and neglect to connect with their spiritual nature. for many of them, however, this connection is made through being outdoors and exploring the earth. pentacles are constantly inspired by the world around them, which helps them harness their creativity. their high hopes and aspirations can, at times, take her the other areas of their lives, which may leave them feeling drained and pessimistic if their plans do not work out. 

the pentacles rule the physical realm and deal with issues that involve security and material concerns. aspects of home, health, possessions, wealth, or prosperity may be highlighted. the element of earth is grounding, nurturing, and stable.

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