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queen of cups :

introspective, psychic, loving, compassionate, honest, healing, empathetic, psychic, mysterious, dramatic, melancholic, inventive

who is the queen of cups : the queen of cups looks directly into the deepest corners of our hearts. she is dreamy and intuitive and aligns with the diving principle of love, being a channel of light in all that she does. in her realm, we see the starts of the cosmos above her, a sacred mirror of her connection to Source energy. from a deep place of knowing, she lives her life with a sense of care for all who cross her path, always putting others before herself.

the queen of cups is a nurturing individual who is deeply attuned tot eh needs of others. her warm and tender personality will make you feel at home from the moment you meet her, and she gives advice freely and unconditionally, with love. this woman is real and won’t other with small talk or formalities, so expect to connect with her on the deepest of levels. it’s not uncommon for the queen of cups to be a natural healer, working her magic subconsciously through her creations of in actual musical or spiritual practices. the queen of cups expresses a deep wisdom from the unseen realms of spiritual insight [and may even have the ability to see into the sprit world]. she might appear quiet and shy but is highly intelligent and strong in her convictions. remember to be gentle with her heart, for she hurts easily.

the message behind the card : this card comes as an opportunity to nurture your relationships with others and to make time for celebratory gatherings. listen to your inner voice and psychic abilities. the manifestation of loving energy and soulful experience with the people in your life. creativity and expression in all of its glory. 

the cups are ruled by the heart. plain and simple. with this attachment comes sensitivity in all aspects of emotion, psychic awareness, and perception. intimacy is extremely important to this type in all relationships, whether platonic or romantic. the cups want to connect deeply with the people they care about and can sometimes overanalyze other’ opinions or actions. cups are intelligent dreamers and can spend a huge amount of time visualizing or wanting to escape from the stress of the real world. when they are not harnessing their creativity properly, they become prone to sadness, flakiness, or emotional detachment. cups are creative and artistic and love to express themselves in all areas of their life. they are extremely compassionate, empathetic individuals who are nurturing and caring toward others.

the cups rule our emotions and deal with love and spiritual consciousness. they tap into our subconscious mind, psychic abilities, relationships, and internal forces. the element of water is mutable and ever changing, which reflects the flow of our emotions and feelings.

vendors :

photographer+creator : @stephanie_bar

model : @carissa_macy

set designer+creative director : @blondeandblueboutique

makeupartist : @beautifulnightmarefx

hairstylist : @mollys_chair

threads : @sgstyleme

jewelry : @creadesigns

florals : @eastlinfloraldesign

crystal : @kaytmoats