queen of wands :

optimistic, authoritative, spiritual, practical, independent, charismatic, attractive, visionary, ambitious, inspirational, innovative, exuberant, impulsive

who is the queen of wands : standing at the edge of her domain, the queen of wands is a magnetic force who knows her place in the collective consciousness. there is a diving fire within her personality, as she is strong and assertive yet knows the important of kindness and generosity. the queen of wands walks her own path, charting a course that aligns with her heart and spiritual nature. here at there side stands her familiar — a spirit animal who is fierce, protective, and loving.

the queen of wands is an extremely outgoing, generous person, who is both strong-willed and fierce. she is fully aware of how her unwavering kindness and intelligence have shaped her beauty over the years, and , through her own set of standards, she celebrates and embodies her sexuality. this person does not need the assurance of validation of anyone else and lives her life freely without apology. she is highly protective and involved in the lives of her friends and family. she is also able to adapt well in almost any social environment, making all who surround her feel warm and welcome. the queen of wands may also become fiery, stubborn, and uncompromising when things don’t go her way. due to her strong temperament, there may be a tendency for extroverted communication and for placing draining emotional demands on those closest to her. 

the message behind the card : it is important to acknowledge your limitless potential! you are capable of accomplishing anything you wish if you put your mind to the task. maintaining a positive mindset attracts an abundance of light into your life — the first step world manifesting your dreams.

the wands are inspired by the world around them. as a result, may of them love to travel and explore. wands are highly charismatic and self-determined, and they take their life goals very seriously. they have strong leadership qualities and are extremely outgoing , attracting like-minded people. their beliefs and opinions are in many ways connected to their spirituality, which they consider very important in defining who they are. wands can sometimes be harsh or fiery if they become agitated or frustrated. overconfidence can lead to egotism, impatience, foolish risk taking, or insensitive to others. the aid of other elements can help diffuse the hotheaded disposition of this type. sometimes, all the wands may need is a grounding conversation with a good friend.

the wands rule our creativity, confidence, and determination throughout life. they are related to our ambitions and dreams and connect to our spiral natural and Higher Self. the element of fire is transformative, expansive, and inventive.

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